Rank Advancement Scoutmaster Conference & BOR

Post date: Nov 30, 2017 11:03:24 PM

Rank Advancement Scoutmaster Conference and Boards of Review scheduling prior to next Court of Honor-

We normally hold Boards of Review at our Committee meetings once a month, but because we take December off, we do not have another Committee meeting before the Jan. 22 Court of Honor. So if your scout is ready to complete his next Rank, he needs to contact Mr. Andrews prior to a Troop meeting to schedule his Scoutmasters Conference. As soon as he completes his SM Conf, he needs to contacts Mrs. Stephens ASAP to schedule his Board of Review prior to the next Court of Honor. Your scout can not just show up at a meeting and expect to get either of these done that night as we only have 3 meetings prior to the Court of Honor. Please keep this in mind.