Popcorn Information

Post date: Sep 5, 2015 1:24:38 AM

Troop 130

Popcorn 2015

• Your popcorn kernel: Mrs. Yoder (email and phone number sent in email)

• On line sales: sell.trails-end.com. Available to sell year round!

• Why sell? 38% Commission into your Scouts account!! Scholarship opportunity. * New 50% Commission bonus!!!!

• Ordering popcorn: (see Products and Prices sheet). Please email me your popcorn wish list (by case) by Sept 14. Keep in mind that ALL chocolate products are NON RETURNABLE! Please do not order more than you think you will sell.

• Show and Sell: popcorn distribution will be on Sat Sept 19th around noon at the church parking lot. Please provide me your cell phone number so I can text you once I am on my way back to Ramona.

• Site Sales: (See Site Sale Etiquette sheet). You will use your own products for site sales. Please bring table, poster (optional), cash box/envelope, credit card reader, water, Class A uniform, and your best smile!

- Accepting credit cards: download Intuit app on your smart phone. Log in and password was sent in an email. Once you are logged in, plug in the credit card reader and swipe away!! Note: Please add your scouts name to the notes section of every transaction!!!

- Site sale dates and locations will be available after Sept. 11. Sign up will be on first come first response basis.

• Mystery houses for door to door selling! Special patch and golden ticket prize!

• Last day to return unsold popcorn to Popcorn Kernel is Oct 20!!! NO EXCEPTIONS.