Popcorn dates

Post date: Aug 11, 2016 6:39:40 PM

1. On line sales began Aug 2nd, so for anyone who interested in selling product online, please contact Mrs. Yoder, our Popcorn Kernel, so she may send you an invitation to the website.

2. 2016 Popcorn Rally: Sat. Aug 13 from 6-8 pm and a FREE event. Anyone may attend and there is no registration required. Please see flyer, as registration is required for the overnight camp (FREE!), and/or the merit badge classes (these classes may have a fee).

3. Sat. Aug 13 is the official kick off of take order sales (also known as Door to Door sales). The scout takes the order form around the neighborhood and asks for support in his scouting efforts. All popcorn orders are written down onto the order form and then forwarded to our Popcorn Kernel. Money is collected at the time the order is taken and, again, that money is submitted to Mrs. Yoder when you turn in your order form. Take orders continue throughout the entire popcorn season (which ends Oct 31st).

4. Show and Sell products. These products are kept on hand and may be used to sell door to door. The benefit is that it is nice to be able to give your customer the product they ordered right away), or you may use them at a site sales (in front of Alberton's, Stater Bros, etc.). The Show and Sell products need to be ordered by the case and your order needs to be sent to Mrs. Yoder no later than Aug. 20th.