Merit Badge Counselors

Post date: Mar 3, 2016 5:31:19 PM

A big part of the scouts earning rank are earning merit badges. A few of our scouts are having trouble finding merit badge counselors lately. To find a counselor in our area go to

Mrs. Andrews would also like to compile a list of ‘our’ current merit badge counselors – so if you are a registered merit badge counselor either for the whole District, or just for our Troop, please reply to Mrs. Andrews and include what merit badges you are a counselor for.

If you aren’t a current merit badge counselor, but are interested in becoming one (there are over 130 different merit badges to help with!) please check out this link and contact her if you have any questions. It’s an easy application and there’s no cost to you to register as a merit badge counselor

As a merit badge counselor, you do have to complete Youth Protection Training, and resubmit your application yearly if you wish to continue. You can be a merit badge counselor for as many, or as few, merit badges as you like.